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7 steps to get the girl of your dreams

Step # 1: It all starts with you

Before you can get a girlfriend, you have to be a man and be confident. So make your personality and overall image the man she wants to see. Here, some things you can do.

Be proactive with your passion. What would you like to do? Whatever it is, keep doing it and get even better. When you have fun, it will definitely make you 10x more attractive, we tell you.

Get a life and get rich stories. Doing what you love and traveling to experience new cultures creates rich and interesting stories. So put yourself out there and experience new things.

Step # 2: Go Out and Find the Girls

The next thing you need to do is get out of your house. You will not get a girlfriend in the four corners of your house. Go where the girls are.

Be mindful of where the girls are staying. There are girls everywhere. But if you want a list of places where you can find them, check out this section of the review.
Expand your network. Meeting new people from social events and meetings immediately expands your network. Sign up for a gym or club membership or classes lined up with your passion. You can also change the usual places you go. Maybe try going to another grocery store. You can travel alone. So, that is a good way to meet new people.

Always be ready wherever you are. Always be ready to have romantic feelings wherever you are. That means you can always be present when you go out. Don’t be shy when you see a woman who is interested. Always be prepared to share your name. Sometimes, life comes and surprises you and leads you to meet your future best friend.

Step # 3: Position your goal

Like a sniper, lock your target. Now your access depends on where and when you are.
For example, if you are at a bar, you can buy her a drink. If you see her in the park during your morning run, you can talk a little about the weather or the outdoors. If you know her from class, have a casual conversation about how the class went. If you meet her through an online dating website, find out before you ask her on a specific date.
But wherever you are, once you see a woman you like, build up the courage and have a conversation with her. Here are some tips on how to prepare for situations like this:
Practice talking to women. You can talk to a lot of girls before you start a conversation with a woman you like. This way, you are already full of training and will not be disturbed anymore.

Arm yourself with pickup lines. Pick Up Lines are good startups to introduce you to a woman who wants to get to know you. Prepare conversation openers. Sometimes, the women you go to are not so good at small talk, so it’s best if you’re ready to control the conversation. You can start by asking her if she has been working on something interesting recently or how her day is.

Don’t end things to say. Learn to listen to what she has to say. Stay tuned and get interested in her stories by asking appropriate questions.

Step # 4: Get the date

So you have already talked to the woman you want to go on a date with. If you feel in a relationship, you can tell her you want to see her again. If she gives it to you, you can send her a message the same night or the next day. Ask her out well, if she is no longer absorbed in the relationship.

When you find out that she is comfortable with you, ask her. You can ask her if she is free on this day. If you came up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position. You can do it face to face, especially if you see her often (e.g. class, gym, etc.).

Plan the date. The date you plan depends on the needs of the woman you want to take out with. This time, she will share some of her tastes with you. You know nothing about her, unless you pay attention.

Don’t take rejection so seriously. When a woman is interested in you, if she is not free when you ask, she suggests another time. But when she says no, you have to respect it. Love her a little more, increase your romantic feelings. Show her your good intentions.

Step # 5: Keep the date

A good dinner is always an idea of ​​a good first date. Get to know each other while you’re on your diet, and see if you have enough connections and chemistry to start a romance. After dinner, you can head out to the nearest pub for a drink – this is a great way to ease your negativity and get closer.

Here are some tips to help you make the day a success:
See Dapper. Take the time and effort to clean yourself. Brush your teeth, comb your hair, and dress appropriately. Appearance is a big factor on the first day.
Think about your habits. The bad guys don’t get a second day. Listen as she speaks, sharing stories to keep the conversation going. Be polite and do not speak with your mouth.

Measurement consistency. The first date usually allows you to evaluate whether your date is consistent. It allows you to assess if you have enough chemistry for day 2. Often, you can’t force someone to like you, and vice versa.

Step # 6: Explore your love chemistry in bed (not essential)

Sexual stress occurs when there is chemistry. You may not feel it (but is possible) on the first day, but you will eventually take it to sleep. If she feels the same way, you need to be alert. Pay attention to her body language and the tips she gives up.
Do it on time. You need to be careful about when and how often you do it. You want a girlfriend, not a friend with benefits. It is best to do this after three or more days so that you can show her your intentions.

Do not leave before she wakes up. If you want her to be your girlfriend, prepare her breakfast in the morning. Show her that it’s not just sex after you.
Frequent vanilla sex often leads to emotional attachment. Sex is an important milestone in a relationship and bed fit is essential. As long as you engage in sexual activity that is rooted in passion and attraction, you can turn her into your girlfriend.

Step # 7: From dating to Girlfriend

Spending time together helps to learn more about each other and ultimately increases contact points. Look at every aspect of the woman you are dating and see if she has the qualities you are looking for. Love falls apart when you spend time together. The result is great conversations, happy moments and experiences, and ultimately a sense of security.
Gain self-awareness of your true feelings. Before you officially ask her to be your girlfriend, you must first be clear about your feelings towards her. Playing with a girl is not cool. If you tie up with her because it’s easy Someone, but you are not really in love, then she should not be your girlfriend. She could be your best friend.

But when you want to spend every minute with her, when you first think about her when you have minor accomplishments in life, then it means that you are already in love with her. When you want to make a commitment and you know she is ready too, go and ask for it.

Ask her to be your girlfriend. Now it depends on the personality of the woman if you think there should be a proposal. But it’s not like you’re asking her to marry you, so you can do it more casually.


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