A hug helps to express affection and it heals lots of pain that suffer from your partner. in a relationship, there can be various kinds of difficult situations that one hug can be soothed. it can reduce the impact of mental disorders like depression, stress, loneliness, isolation.

A hug performs a huge role in sharing emotions. so there are more types of hugs that we can use to let feel different feelings in different kinds of situations to your partner. Here we discuss 9 types of hugs and how they contribute to emotional communication.

1.Hugs with eye contact

In this type of hug, not have a chance to stay away from each other and keep your hands from each other. During the initiation time of a relationship, we can see frequently, this type of hugs between lovers.

2. Side hug

This is not a kind of romantic hug. It makes you feel friendly. We expect more things from a relationship and sometimes what we really need is this embrace.

3. Street hug

This hug will be very important to you when you suffer from feeling low and your partner should hold you until you get a refreshed mood. According to the situation, this hug meant to be the best comfortable feeling for you.

4.Back hug

Back hugs are let your partner to felt that you care and want to protect him/her. it’s the most romantic and emotional way to express your love for others. Unexpected back hugs can use to surprise your partner.

5.Bear hug

It’s the type of very feeling full embrace. To share a bear hug definitely that feeling should come from deep in your heart. If you can get hugs like this you can relieve anxiety and stress because they are just as endearing.

6. Pampered hug

It’s commonly used between friends who care for others. while it doesn’t have romantic feelings and there is a comfortable feel.

7. Intimate hug

It is a full-body embrace with eye contact. Without using even just a word, eyes can communicate lots of things. So it’s more thing than physical touch and a very lovely hug type for a relationship.

8.Polite hug

Day to day life we commonly use this type of hug.it can use to represent simple ‘hello’ and also ‘bye’. We can use this for our friends, relatives but often we don’t use this type for our beloved persons.

9.The end of the world type hug

This includes hugs that are thought to be the final hug. It should saturate with all emotional feelings. This type of hug can be express the feeling deep in the heart. It may not be the most endearing one but it is most memorable in someone’s life.


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