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8 tips for surprise your girlfriend

In a relationship with a girl you absolutely love, Want to surprise her and make her feel special? but don’t know how to go about it? Whether you’ve been together for three months or three years, taking the time to surprise your girlfriend with small gifts or thoughtful notes can make all the difference in the strength of your bond and relationship. Often, couples settle into a fun place where no one will go out to show how much they care about each other. This problem can be prevented by small acts of kindness at all times. You do not need to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch, so invest in a good capo. It takes a long time for your relationship to blossom and stays in the foot stay series.

1. Keep her love notes Look, it looks a bit like Grade 2, but the notes are really functional, especially in the current era of smartphones and computers. This is also a good way to express how you feel about her. Tell her how beautiful and talented she is. If you’re in a hurry, the simple “I love you” post is amazing. Even better if you can make a note when you are not around. Looks cute, sure, but she will like it. If you leave for work in front of her in the morning, slip a note in her bag or leave it on the pillow before you leave. She wakes up to find it and an instant smile spreads across her face. It is not the same as sending a text. She gets the text from you. Stand out from the crowd with a piece of real paper that she can see and touch.

2. Mix things up There are many places where you can put a note or a nice photo of yourself. Slip the photo or note into her handbag, travel bag, or file. It doesn’t matter where you choose, she will find it easily as long as you are sure of it. If you decide to prepare a packaged lunch for her, add a note to remind her how beautiful and intelligent she is. You can also add a sentence of encouragement, especially if she tells you that you are stressed or worried about something.

3. Express a love letter Maybe you want to say more but there is not enough room for your thoughts and feelings in a note. So try to write a love letter and pour your heart out. Tell us how your thoughts flow, how much you love her, and how you treasure every second you spend with her. Do not overestimate it. Express how you feel about her. She will love it.

4. Postcards can help For the times you are apart, send her postcards telling her how much her company has missed you and how you would like to associate with her wherever you are.

5. Why don’t you write her a song or a poem? If you have music skills, activate them. Write her some more love lines. It’s all about being creative. If you are not a songwriter or a poet, you can use other people’s work. Dedicate a song to her or send a poet a Romantic poem. Every woman loves songs, she will appreciate whatever you send her, it has the words she wants to hear from you. If you have a good singing voice, sing and record a popular love song and send her audio or video.

6.Help with DIY or household chores She will not ask you to help her clean the dishes, but she will appreciate it if you do. You can assist her with laundry or dry cleaning. It goes a long way to making your girlfriend feel wonderful about you. If she’s talked about a bookshelf, but never gets to it, fix one for her if you can. What woman does not like a craftsman? You will reach her heart and feel her love. If you go together, helping with the housework is one way to show that you love her and you don’t want to help around the house.

7. Personalize the gifts you buy for her There is nothing wrong with buying your girlfriend a common gift that we all know, be it flowers or chocolate. However, go the extra mile and make the gift special. If it is a flower, buy her favorite varieties, for example, roses or tulips. Focus on the common gifts we know and make them unique. Don’t just buy her a concert ticket. Surprise her by buying tickets to her favorite band or artist. You can get a book she likes or an author she likes. As a good listener, you can always tell your loved one the gifts they value most. 8. Buy her underwear or pajamas Did you know she was going shopping at the time? It can take a long time for a woman to choose underwear. What better way to surprise her with sexy and hot lingerie? If you have been with her for a while, you know the type she likes, and choosing the right size should not be a problem. do not be shy. You can do this! However, if you feel that buying her soles is not so close to you, buy her glamorous luxury pajamas instead. The look on her face when she opens the gift will tell you how much she appreciates the thought of buying her something beautiful.


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