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11 Reasons Why You Can’t Have a Girlfriend?

You can’t get a girlfriend. The reason is that you can not find a woman or get someone you like. Man, there are reasons for that – true, quantitative reasons. Here are some of them:

  1. You are not trying hard enough

If you don’t always stay home and socialize, you won’t really get a girlfriend. You can not expect to get one without work. Maybe you are too focused on your career and you do not have time to find one or maintain a relationship. However, if you do not try enough, it will stop you before you even start looking for a girlfriend.

  1. You lack personality, rich experience and confidence

Appearance is attractive, personality is retained. Even if you look attractive, if you are lazy, most likely you will not be able to keep the girl. Not having an interesting story to share, without putting it on a woman’s fingertips, breaks your last ounce of trust. It is very important to have faith because a man is associated with sexual attraction. Sexual appeal is not about being attractive. This is all about confidence and if you look good it will be great.

  1. You do not need to take the first step

Especially if you are a normal person with a normal personality, you need to be proactive in taking the first steps. Too often, women are flirting and if they see a boy being too shy or restless they will not go on. It will send them a signal that you are not coming into them; Thus, they leave and move on. Most women will not give you a few chances to have sex, especially if you have met!

  1. You are a pervert

Dude, didn’t your mother teach you how to behave? Women, like any other man, should be respected and not treated as objects. Stop choking and whistling; They are just to call your pets. Most importantly, keep your hands to yourself when the situation demands it. Trust us, from the beginning, perverts never get the girl.

  1. You have no social evidence
    A man’s social achievement increases attraction, fear, and pride. When a man has no friends, it is a turning point. There are times when you don’t have social evidence; Women will think, “Oh no, if I date this guy, he’s around me 24/7!” No woman wants it.
    That means you have to be friends with rich people or cool kids. That means you have to make friends.
  2. You do not know how to talk to a woman

Are you tempted to say the wrong thing that causes a woman to run away even before you start dating? Do not call a woman your brother, especially if you have met him. She will take it the wrong way.

  1. You have too many needs

You need to understand that you need to allow a woman to have her personal time and space. Cuteness is a major turning point. You still have to live a life outside of the relationship.

  1. You don’t care about yourself

If you are trying to get a woman to focus on you, having a groom and proper hygiene is very important. No one wants to go out on a smelly day! Get a groom, your beard, haircut, wear deodorant, brush your teeth. Even if you are not looking for a girlfriend, this is really a basic requirement to do.

  1. You don’t really have a real picture of love and a girlfriend in your head

If you do not understand what a healthy service relationship is, it is still difficult for you to have a girlfriend. Maybe you’re still in your teens not wanting to work for something, or you’ll always want to get your way.
Maybe you’re still proud, or you still have the opinion that you should call yourself a shooter.

Boy! A healthy relationship is a two-way street.

  1. You do not see women as human beings
    Now you are afraid to approach a woman because you are afraid that you will not understand them. You do not know what to say about women or how to behave in front of them. So instead, you make stupid jokes with your friends. Well, let me tell you something, friend, it shows that you are insecure and you will not get anywhere.
    Women are not aliens. They live, breathe, thinking they are human beings like you. They will understand anything that comes out of your mouth. We think you are fit enough not to hit him in the face.
  2. You have zero dating experience

Having a zero dating experience can be a bit of a roadblock. This is because you do not know the rules of dating and do not know where to start.


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